What makes us stand out compared to other shops


What makes us stand out compared to other shops

Growing up in Crystal River surrounded by water while growing up, you find yourself always trying to find a way to be on or in the water. Whether it was finding a friend and hopping on their boat, or just jumping in the canals, you’ll always find a way to the water. In Crystal River, there are plenty of places to rent kayaks from and that gave our small shop the opportunity to learn the tricks and tips from other kayak rental places, as well as learn what else customers desired to make our shop even more efficient. 

Why Were Different At Kacey’s Custom Adventures we strive to be the most personable and positive guides and helpers to give our customers the enjoyment of starting their journey with a smiling face and an energetic, and encouraging mindset. We provide our customers with special routes to Tarpon feeding areas, hidden springs, or just the classic swimming areas like the beautiful Three Sister Springs. We provide waterproof, up-to-date maps marking out some of our favorite areas all around the bay. We also provide complementary waterproof drybags at the customer’s request. All of our equipment is top tier from our kayaks, paddle boards, and tandems, to our snorkel gear down to the paddles.  We are all about giving our customers the best experience possible. We monitor the weather daily checking for any potential storms or extreme winds and always let our customers know beforehand if there is anything on the radar and give them the option to reschedule or choose to go out still if they’re experienced paddlers. We’re very lenient on our times and make sure our customers get their full time paid for, not starting their time till they have left our dock. With all of our workers being born and raised in Crystal River Florida, we all understand the intense heat of Florida and ask if our guests would like complimentary water for their travels. At Kacey’s Custom Adventures, we also offer tours, but not just any tours.  We offer Hobbie tours giving our customers a totally different experience!  With our tours, you choose which areas of Kings Bay you wish to see and we show you the best routes to those areas while also showing you our favorite areas amongst the Bay. During tours, we love letting our customers know our favorite facts about manatees, the wildlife, the things happening around Crystal River, and anything else they wish to talk about. We could go on forever about all the things that make us stand out, but there’s one thing about us that makes us stand out the brightest..

Our Ability to Bond With Our Customers Meeting our customers is our favorite part of the job! Bonding with you guys even in our short time together means everything to us. We hope to give you the best possible experience when visiting our sweet small town and we love to give out locations to our favorite restaurants and other things around Crystal River to do.

There are so many other aspects to our small kayak shop that makes us different from the others, and we really hope you come join us on a custom adventure!


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