Our rentals allow for a perfect adventure to anyone from large groups and families to solo paddles.

Book online or come visit Petes Pier Marina 1sw 1st pl, Crystal River, FL 34429

On all rentals you will be provided with everything you need for an enjoyable experience on the water such as:

We here at Kacey’s Custom Adventures understand the importance of comfort and stability throughout your kayaking adventure. While providing you with the best quality kayaks around, our service also provides a prime location free of having to take a shuttle bus or deal with a congested commercial launch site.

YESSS!!!!! We have our own private launch!!!!!

We have a private launch located at Petes Pier Marina, right around the corner from Three Sisters Springs and many other springs throughout King’s Bay. We offer many different premium kayak rentals making it easy to customize your experience.

Give us a call (352) 257-1529 with any custom request.

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