This Is Our Story

It all started with just the 2 of us

A lovable dog named Roxie and



4th generation Florida Girl.

~ We’ve always loved the Crystal blue springs

~ We live for the Breathtaking views

~ Discovery of adventure far and near is our vice

~ We thrive in caring for Florida’s sacred waterways and wildlife

~ We are a boating, fishing, and camping duo

~ As Entrepreneurs we get to follow our dream with JOY

However ~ None of the above is what helps Kacey’s Custom Adventure Succeed.

We prosper because we love our people!

Our first and foremost goal is for our adventure client to enjoy an affordable, friendly, and top notch experience! We want every Kayaker to leave the dock with grins on their faces and unforgettable memories that will make them want to come back to visit Florida’s Nature Coast again and again. Plan your vacation with us and have the premier Paddle Adventure of your life!

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